The Broker-Dealer for Investment Bankers

Powerful Platform

IIB provides a solid platform for deal makers serving institutional clients to build their practice. The IIB platform has an experienced management team of broker dealer operators who are dedicated to serving IIB’s network of investment bankers. IIB has a compliance approach that is both business friendly and fits into the normal deal process. Our standard payouts are as high as 95%.


IIB bankers “hang their own shingle” in the market and maintain their entrepreneurial identity while still offering securities through IIB and utilizing IIB’s back office solution. The IIB platform supports various types of practices offering different types of investment banking services. This offers middle market investment bankers the ability to operate independently, stay compliant with rules and regs, and do the right thing for their clients without incurring perceived prohibitive costs of being compliant.

Collaboration & Research

IIB seeks to encourage an environment of collaboration. Developing relationships with other investment banking professionals can increase transaction close velocity. We accomplish this objective through our annual conferences and by encouraging collaboration among our deal makers. IIB also offers access to research tools that can assist bankers identify deal opportunities, build distribution lists and obtain comps and other financial metrics.